Fundraising Opportunities

Unless your organization has a fairy godmother or rich benefactor, fundraisers are a necessary evil. Imagine a low maintenance fundraiser that requires minimal set up, no upfront cost, a quick turnaround time, aligns with the curriculum, provides students, teachers, and parents with a resource that can be used again and again, AND a quarter of the proceeds raised go directly to the organization.

Just Like Me puts diverse and engaging books in the hands of children and encourages to reflect, create, share, and discover material on their own terms. Our fundraising opportunities for schools and community organizations allow these books to be provided to students and staff at no cost, while simultaneously supporting classroom learning, giving students new and unique ways to integrate literacy skills and technology.

Teachers identify a book on which they will do a book study in the classroom. Students will gather pledges of support for the classroom to purchase individual and full sets of the book for the classroom and school library. The school receives 25% of all monies raised as well as a 1 year subscription to the JLM website where students will participate in online book discussions with other schools, create and maintain blogs dedicated to self-selected topics, as well as design and produce video interpretations and retellings of their favorite stories. Online video tutorials will also be available for both teachers and students. Organizations can opt for in person support for an additional fee.

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