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In 2016 there were 3,400 children’s books published for children.  Only 8.4% of those kids’ books featured an African American main character. 7% featured an Asian  main character, 5% had a Latino main character, and less than 1% featured an American Indian.
Essentially, those stats mean a child is 4 times more likely to see a dinosaur in a picture book than an American Indian and 2 times more likely to see a rabbit than an Asian character. We live in a diverse world. Shouldn’t our children’s stories and books reflect that?
Reading is how we discover who we are and what we can be.  Diverse books help kids define those ideas for themselves.  They make us feel seen, understood, and help build empathy.
We exist to fill that gap. Just Like Me understands that reading is the cornerstone on which the American dream is built, and that the best way to turn a non-reader into a reader is to provide them with the best books to read   as well as repeated opportunities that are engaging and culturally relevant.  We work directly with parents and educators to increase exposure to more diverse children’s literature, support classroom instruction, and create opportunities to integrate technology, giving kids the skills necessary to be active participants in our global community. The library becomes a place of active exploration and discovery as opposed to a place to passively absorb.
Children cannot achieve what they cannot see. Our goal is to make sure every child has an opportunity to see themselves reflected in literature, because as our motto states, If I can see it I can achieve it!


JLM is a multimedia production and development company that stresses the importance of literacy, culturally relevant reading material, and active learning experiences. Our mission is to promote a love of reading and increase literacy rates among high-risk readers through an interactive platform that prominently features characters of color.

The lack of representation in kids’ books is an often-overlooked barrier when attempting to try and help kids get reading. Research has shown that the more a child can relate to a particular topic or subject the more engaged in the activity they are likely to be. It promotes a stronger connection and creates a level of excitement to the content that might not otherwise exist. Just Like Me puts a diverse and engaging array of fiction books  in the hands of children. We encourage them to discover and reflect on literature through book clubs and use technology to create and share material on their own terms.

What We Offer

  • Fundraising opportunities for schools and community based groups

  • Collaborative resources to promote literacy engagement through book club implementation and facilitation

  • Interactive literacy workshops for students, educators and authors

  • Professional development workshops

Workshops & Presentations

Learn new and simple ways to enhance traditional instruction without spending thousands of dollars or adopting a new curriculum.

Just Like Me Books provides high-quality professional development opportunities to teachers, principals and other educators alike. Each workshop has practical applications and can be used to support any existing curriculum and improve academic achievement. Workshops are taught by seasoned practitioners, with a wide range of educational experience.

Workshops are open to all educators, including traditional classroom teachers, homeschool parents, scout leaders, center directors, and informal educators.

Topics Include


Imagine being able to bolster a student’s confidence, combat feelings of inferiority, promote sensitivity to diverse cultures and increase student engagement. It’s quick, it’s free, and it requires virtually no additional work on your part.

Outcomes for Representation: 1) Define mirror books and explain their importance and place in the classroom

2) Compare 3 types of connections students need to make with text and analyze its impact on self worth and students ability to relate to literature

3)Identify, define, and practice 3 strategies that promote multicultural representation and establishes deep text connection.

Meet the Author Program

Through close personal contact with a published author, students and families will work to improve their reading and writing skills and be inspired to excellence. Participants will learn:

  • How to self select a “just right book”
  • Three strategies to increase reading fluency
  • How support reading comprehension at home
  • Ways to build strong writing skills

*Program includes copies of up to 4 titles from the JLM catalog

Don’t Stress, ACE That Test!

The trend in national testing is to remove the ability for kids to guess their way to success on state tests. They are being required to provide evidence for how they arrived at their answers. ACE is a strategy to help students when answering questions. ACE helps students with a mnemonic device and framework for responding to questions. 

Remember Through Rhyme

Using Stories and Songs to Build Math Proficiency

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Meet Our Founder

A passionate educator with 20 years of experience in education, Michelle is a former Teach For America corps member, a KIPP alum, a children’s author, speaker, and mom. Her professional development workshops focus on increasing student engagement and raising student achievement.

Michelle has been featured in numerous tv, radio, and magazine outlets and is able to create custom workshops and presentations for the specific needs of YOUR business or organization.


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